Hastings Utilities supplies potable water to its customers directly from the Ogallala Aquifer, one of the nations most plentiful underground water sources. This pure drinking water is pumped directly through any one of more than 20 local water wells from a depth of 135', and into the water main distribution system.

Hastings currently has no central treatment facility or community water tower. The community wells, which are located at sites in and around Hastings, can deliver up to 25 million gallons of water per day. The average water usage during the summer months is approximately seven million gallons per day with peaks reaching between 17-18 million gallons. Normal daily consumption during the winter months is around four million gallons.

Current State of Assets

One of the first places to start with managing assets is to know what assets are owned by the utility and what condition they are in - their current state. See how Hastings Utilities ranked in a recent AWWA report.

Case Study Report

Hastings Utilities Water System Evaluation

Water Quality

Samples of our water, taken throughout Hastings, are regularly checked to insure topnotch quality. Additionally, samples are gathered and tested from all municipal wells.

View the 2019 Water Quality Report.

High nitrate sample August 13, 2018 (view report here)

Learn what you can do to help make safer water in Hastings, Nebraska.