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Safety in cooler weather

With cooler weather approaching we once again will be trying to do things to keep warm. Things like running space heaters, stoves and of course warming our vehicles before drive to work. Please keep in mind the following safety tips as the colder weather approaches. If using space heaters keep items that will burn at least 3 feet away from heater. Have…

West Hastings/12th Street Visioning, Final Report

The final report from the Visioning Meetings conducted earlier this month has been released and can be viewed below. The consultant has taken all community comments and provided a series of recommendations and next steps to consider as we move forward in this area. West Hastings Redevelopment Visioning Report

Fireworks Safety Tips

Each year on average there are 18,500 fires that occur as a result of fireworks. Of those fires 1,300 are involve structures, 300 car fires, 16,900 are outside fires. There are on average 3 deaths, 40 injuries and $43 MILLION in direct property damage due to fireworks. You can enjoy your fireworks safely if you follow a few simple safety tips: OBEY…

Marian Road Street Closure

The City of Hastings gives notice that Marian Road between 2nd Street and 6th Street will be closed beginning June 26th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. For Full Details please read the June 20, 2018 Press Release.

June 25th Council Meeting Cancelled

The Council Meeting scheduled for June 25th at 5:30 in the City Hall Council Chambers has been CANCELLED due to conflict in schedules.  The next Council Meeting will be held July 9th at 5:30 in the City Hall Council Chambers.