Find information about the amenities the City of Hastings has to offer, including city facilities, parks, healthcare, education, religion, transportation and more.

City Facilities

Learn more about the Bill Smith Softball Complex, the Hastings City Auditorium, the Aquacourt Waterpark or any of Hastings' other parks and sports facilities.

City Parks

From beautiful Brickyard Park to the excitement of Smith Softball Complex or the Aquacourt Waterpark, learn more about Hastings' parks.

Hastings Public Library

The mission of the Hastings Library is to enhance the quality of life for our community by providing personalized, open access to the world of information and ideas.

Hastings Museum

Hastings Museum connects people to the world through educational programs, exhibits and films, and inspires greater public respect for our past and future.

Educational Services

Three secondary schools and a choice of quality public and private primary schools highlight Hastings' educational offerings.


Whether you're traveling to – or getting around – Hastings, you'll find a number of transportation options, including taxi, car rental and Amtrak train.


For all the news about Hastings and the surrounding area, check out one of our many news outlets, including television, radio and newspaper.