Mission & Vision

To work together cooperatively and efficiently for and with all citizens to provide a safe, clean and attractive community that includes full and open access to basic services, education programs, and cultural and recreational facilities that enhance the excellent quality of life for residents, potential residents, and visitors.


Through efficiencies and by careful prioritization of projects, programs, and activities, to operate City government at a reasonable property tax level.

To provide a pro-business, pro growth, pro-development environment to assist in attracting new residents, visitors, and business to Hastings.

To provide a City government that is open to new ideas, honest in its dealings with all persons, and sincere in its willingness to listen to comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism from community members.

To recognize and embrace cultural diversity in our community, and provide opportunities for all people to full participate in and contribute to the civic and social life of our community.

To provide opportunities for, and instill a sense of community ownership and pride.

To project a positive, progressive, forward-thinking image.

Adopted by Hastings City Council April 1, 2012