Application Procedure

This information sheet has been prepared to explain how Hastings City Service job openings are filled. The City of Hastings/Hastings Utilities is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.


Applications are accepted only when a position is open. Your application is kept on file for one year. It is your responsibility to notify the Personnel/Civil Service Office of any changes in address, or other changes affecting your availability for employment.

Application Procedure

The City of Hastings requires an application form be completed and a job related examination be administered for most City of Hastings/Hastings Utilities positions. The exam administered is designed to test for a given position. The same exam is not given for all positions.

Most examinations consist of multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions. A few examinations consist of essay and/or oral board questions. A passing grade is 70% or above. A credit of five percent in favor of all veterans receiving passing scores on Merit Service entrance examinations and another five percent to all disabled veterans on entrance examinations shall be awarded as prescribed in Chapter 3 of the Hastings City Code.

General Information

Grades will be provided to you within 30 days of completing your examination.

Test scores are valid for six months. You may not retake a test before the expiration date.

An eligibility list based on the examination scores will be submitted to the hiring department. The hiring department either hires one of the applicants or requests additional names for the eligibility list. The eligibility list does not provide any guarantee of employment. This list is established to discern the best candidates from the top ranked candidates.

Conditions of Employment

The City of Hastings requires employees to meet the following conditions of employment:

  • Maintain a satisfactory or better rating on all performance evaluations.
  • Pass a physical. (Post job offer)
  • Complete a Form I-9 to verify they are authorized to work in the United States. Information from this Form I-9 will also be used in conjunction with the E-Verify system.
  • All employees with a commercial driver's license are subject to drug and alcohol testing according to the Department of Transportation guidelines.
  • All employees are subject to pre-employment, post-job offer and random drug screening.
  • All Hastings Utilities' employees are required to reside within six miles of Hastings' city limits.

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