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Regulations on Political Signs

Below are the current city regulations for the placement of political signs.

Political signs are no longer regulated under the sign code.   They are now considered temporary poster signs.  Temporary signs shall not be placed on the right-of-way, or obstructing vision at an intersection.  Poster signs shall be temporary and allowed on premise for up to 30 days, 4 times per year.  Maximum sign area is 4 sq. ft. in residential and agricultural districts.  They shall be set back 5 feet from the ROW line, and 3 feet from a neighbor’s property line.  Maximum 4 signs per lot in a residential district.  Maximum height is 3 feet. 

As to commercial signs, poster signs are allowed in commercial areas. Hastings City Code Section 34-309.04 allows for up to 15 in a commercial area so long as they are properly spaced.   However, poster signs in a commercial area can be 8 sq. ft. in size.  

Political signs shall be removed within a reasonable period of time after the event.

Published Date: 08/ 8/2022

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