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City Administrator interviews conducted by 12-member panel

A 12-member panel is interviewing the four candidates for the City of Hastings’ City Administrator position this week.

Members of the interviewing panel include:

  • Corey Stutte, Mayor
  • Ginny Skutnik, City Council President
  • Matt Fong, City Council Member
  • Bill Hitesman, Utility Advisory Board Member
  • Lou Kully, Planning & Zoning Board Member
  • Greg Sinner, Planning & Zoning Board Member
  • Lori Hartman, Human Resources Director
  • Mikki Shafer, President, Hastings Chamber of Commerce
  • Sheana Smith, Chair-elect, Hastings Chamber of Commerce
  • Pat Mertens, Hastings Citizen representing manufacturing community
  • Chris Johnson, Hastings Citizen representing local developers
  • Becky Sullivan, Mary Lanning Healthcare, Hastings Public Schools Board Member

Applicant finalists announced last week include Lou Leone, Shawn Metcalf, Eric Rindfleisch and Matthew Schmitz.

Following interviews, the field of candidates will be further vetted and narrowed down.

Published Date: 09/23/2022

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