Electric crew responds to outage in southwest Hastings

A two-person electric crew responded to an outage, caused by a commercial truck, at 10:46 a.m., Friday, Feb. 23 in southwest Hastings. 

The truck hooked phone and cable conductors on a pole at the northwest corner of Baltimore Avenue and U.S. Highway 6. This stretched electric lines, which snapped back and came into contact with each other. 

The lines suffered no damage but a wire on an arrester was broken off, which blew a fuse. An arrester is a protective device that grounds lightning surges. A street light pole was also knocked down.

Initially, 181 electric meters reported an outage. However, 167 meters came back online within minutes and only 14 meters were left without power or with partial power for an extended period of time.

The number of customers affected is not the same as electric meters affected. Some customers have multiple meters.

All affected customers had power restored by 12:06 p.m. 

Published Date: 02/26/2024

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