Water, sewer mains, manhole, to be replaced on portion of South Street

South Street will be closed between Burlington and Hastings avenues (except for businesses that need to access the alley west of Lincoln Avenue) beginning early next week for about two weeks as water and sewer lines, and a manhole, are replaced. 

Barricades and signage will be put up Monday or Tuesday with contractor Van Kirk Bros., mobilizing and setting up at that time. Concrete removal, dirt work, and water and sewer asset replacements are tentatively anticipated to finish by Friday, April 12. Concrete replacement is tentatively scheduled for completion by Friday, April 19, also expected to be completed by Van Kirk.

Sewer issues arose after a nearby water main leaked, washing away dirt and leaving the sewer main, which is 16-feet deep. 

The void around the water main was about the size of a car.  The sewer main void appears to be much smaller, but still poses a risk for street settling.

Brandan Lubken, Director of Underground Operations for Hastings Utilities, said water leaking from a main finds the path of least resistance and normally flows to the surface. 

However, he said in this case water flowed toward the sewer main underneath the water main. 

Undermining from the water leak has left the sewer main to the east of the manhole unsupported with no way to support that main again without opening the street.  

Hastings Utilities will take advantage of this eventual street closer and replace the water main that failed under South Street as well so there is new pipe under that busy street.

South Street had been reduced to one lane between Lincoln and Denver avenues during the investigation process. 

Published Date: 04/ 5/2024

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