HU begins survey of gas mains and service lines

The City of Hastings would like the public to be aware that Hastings Utilities gas personnel will be walking all gas mains and service lines up to the meter for the home or business as part of a whole leak survey.

Hastings Utilities is required by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, to check for underground and above ground leaks within HU’s natural gas distribution system. 

Regulations require the leak survey to be done once every five years. HU currently surveys every three years to meet corrosion regulations requirements.

The City of Hastings has nearly 200 miles of gas line and about 10,000 meters to survey.

HU staff began the surveying process April 9 in less populated areas of the gas service area and hope to complete the survey by Nov. 1, 2024.  

“It helps us with knowing if we have leaks or other issues and where the leaks are located at for repairing,” said Bob Helton, Natural Gas Technical Coordinator for the City of Hastings. “It helps keep HU’s gas system safe and provides natural gas delivery to homes and businesses.”

HU staff members will be walking with a leak machine, which detects leaks from the underground gas piping in the terrace area of the customer’s lot. The next step is to walk the route of the service line from the terrace up to the gas meter, which is on the outside of the home. 

Then, the meter set will be checked for leaks or corrosion, meter accessibility in case of emergency, trees or other vegetation around meters. In some areas of the survey line markers, signs and stop boxes are checked.

The survey helps determine when and where repairs should be made to gas lines.

HU staff will be walking in the terrace area above the gas main, then walking the route of the service line up to the meter set location. The customer doesn’t need to be home for this to be done. 

If there is a fence with a useable gate and no dogs are present, HU staff will use the gate and will latch the gate when done with the fenced area. Staff will make a note of inaccessible properties and return to those at the end of the project. 

The whole process takes 5 to 10 minutes per address, maybe less if there are no issues. 

For more information, contact Hastings Utilities at (402) 463-1371. 

Published Date: 04/25/2024

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