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Solid Waste Landfill

Are there requirements to secure and cover solid waste being brought to the landfill?

To properly deliver solid waste to the Hastings Landfill, it must be securely covered or strapped.   This is in accordance with City of Hastings Municipal Ordinance Chapter 9 Section 9-103 which states “All loads of waste transported to the Hastings Adams County Sanitary Landfill (i.e. Hastings Landfill) shall be covered: provided however, this requirement shall not apply when the entire load of waste is of such bulk that is it unlikely tian any of such waste will blow out of or fall out of the vehicle when driven at the speed of 55 miles per hour.  Violation of this requirement shall subject the driver of the vehicle to double fees at the landfill gate.”

The purpose of this ordinance is to prevent solid waste littering the city and county roads during transportation.  City staff must spend time cleaning up litter along the roadways leading to the landfill. The costs to pick up litter is reflected in the tipping fees charged for solid waste disposal.  Landfill staff requests that you take care in securing your loads so that our public right of ways is kept clean of litter.  This helps control the cost of solid waste disposal. If you have any questions on when or how to secure your loads brought to the landfill please contact the Hastings Landfill Facility at (402) 463-0705 during normal business hours.

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Does the Hastings Landfill provide tours of the facility?

Yes, the staff is more than happy to provide a tour of the facility. Landfill staff encourages anyone to call and set up a time for a tour.  Larger groups are welcomed as well.  Please contact the landfill staff to set up a time to visit the site and to avoid heavy use times.

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What is the most important message the landfill staff wants all customers to know?

The landfill staff is concerned about public and staff's safety.  It has been noted that "A solid waste facility is a construction site where we allow the public to drive their own vehicle next to heavy equipment." The staff wants the public to understand they want you to be safe and at times they must direct you to abide by required safety procedures.  We ask you follow directions giving by staff.

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Does the landfill close due to inclement weather?

The landfill operations may close or implement restriction due to inclement weather. This may be due to snow storms, rain, high wind and lighting. The staff is commented to providing a safe operation for the staff and public.  High wind is a concern due to the unloading of solid waste into the active fill areas.  This is especially a concern as the fill of solid waste is now occurring above ground level.

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Is the Hastings landfill permitted by State or Federal Agencies?

The Hastings Landfill is permitted by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE). This operation permit has requirements on what kinds of solid waste can be disposed at the landfill. It also requires report and proper handling procedures.  A copy of the permit is available on-line at the NDEE website.

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Will the landfill take paint?

The landfill will take paint if it is not liquid.  You can let the paint dry out, add kitty litter, pour on used carpet and let it dry, or other means to dry any unused paint. Please keep lids off of paint cans to facilitate inspection.

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What are the fees charged for solid waste disposal?

View our Facility & Fees page for detailed listing of fees.

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