Snow Removal

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All Emergency Snow Routes are marked with a sign.  During a Snow Emergency, parking is not allowed on these streets.

Hastings Snow Plan

To combat winter storms, Hastings has developed a systematic snow removal program which is dictated by the intensity of each individual storm. The job of subduing a winter storm is a team effort involving snow removal crews, the news media, and citizens. Please, clip and save this brief explanation of key steps in the plan.

Sanding Operation (Phase I)

When freezing precipitation begins to fall, Public Works trucks begin spreading material on major streets and known trouble spots. Although this phase doesn't involve a parking ban, the status of snow removal operations may change as the snow depth increases. The news media will keep you informed. A word of caution. . . Spreading material on our streets improves driving conditions, but the road surface may still be slippery. Please Drive With Care!

Snow Emergency (Phases II and III)

When falling or blowing snow indicates a need to plow major streets, the Mayor of the City of Hastings may declare a "Snow Emergency." During a "Snow Emergency" parking is banned on Emergency Snow Routes. Cars parked or stalled on these streets are subject to a $10 fine and may be towed at the owner's expense. Snow routes must remain open for emergency vehicles. Consequently, these streets receive top priority in the plowing operation. Discretion will be used in all cases in plowing of snow, especially when extreme wind conditions prevail, to insure that the most cost effective snow removal operations are achieved. In many cases, full scale operations will begin only when the wind has substantially subsided.

Downtown snow removal operations involve the pickup and hauling of snow to alleviate icing problems in our downtown area. Removal operations are scheduled to begin at midnight in the downtown area.

All streets designated as Emergency Snow Routes are marked with a sign stating "Emergency Snow Route."

Residential Plowing (Phase IV)

Residential streets will not be plowed after every storm unless snowfall exceeds 3". When this point is reached full scale operation begins. Since this requires more equipment than the City owns, private contractors are hired to help out. The City is divided into eleven residential sections for snow removal. Attempts are made to rotate the removal, and enter into as many sections as possible as private equipment is made available. Streets will be completed before alleys are attempted.

Citizens can greatly assist removal operations by parking cars in their driveways during stormy weather. Generally, snow removal crews make one sweep through the entire city. If cars are removed from the street after crews have gone through, time and financial constraints may make it impossible to return to that area.

Wintertime Reminders:

  • Hastings' Municipal Code requires walks to be shoveled within 24 hours following every snow.
  • If your sidewalk area includes a wheel chair ramp, remember to scoop it out.
  • It is also against City law to shovel snow off private property into an alley or street.

For Information on Snow Removal Conditions call 461-2330.


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