Where do I call for repairs to my street or alley, such as potholes?

To report a pothole or other damage to a street or alley that is in need of a repair, contact the Street Department Street Superintendent by email, by telephone at (402) 461-2341, or fill out form. Since there are many repairs that need to be made each year, the Street Superintendent will evaluate and prioritize all requests.

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Where do I report a traffic control sign or street sign that is missing or damaged?

If you notice a traffic control sign or a street sign that is missing or damaged, call the City of Hastings Street Department at (402)461-2341. If the damage could potentially cause a driving hazard, call the Emergency Communications Center at (402)461-2364 and report the sign immediately. A Street Department crew can then be dispatched to the scene.

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Where do I report a street light or traffic light that isn't working properly?

Street and traffic lights which are not working should be reported to Hastings Utilities (Electric Department) at (402)463-1371.

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Where do I report rough railroad crossings?

If you would like to report a rough railroad crossing, please notify the appropriate company listed below.

  • Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad - (800) 795-2673
  • Union Pacific Railroad - (888) 870-8777

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Who is responsible for sidewalk repair?

The property owner must maintain the sidewalk in good and proper repair. Report sidewalk concerns to Police Department by calling (402) 461-2381.

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What is the amount of snow we must receive before the City will plow residential streets?

Standard accumulation is 3" with additional conditions warranting the need. Decision is made by the discretion by city officials. A press release will be made if conditions are met. Learn more about snow removal.

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Where can I obtain dirt for use at my residence?

Dirt, in small quantities, is available at the Street Department for local residents of Hastings. Please call the City of Hastings Street Department at (402) 461-2341. NO CONTRACTORS

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Who is responsible for terrace trees?

The property owner is responsible for normal pruning and care of trees. The Parks Department will take care of any terrace tree that is dead or is diseased. If the trees are touching electrical wires, Hastings Utilities must be called to cut limbs away from wires.

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A storm knocked down tree limbs, will the City pick them up?

After the event of a severe storm the City may decide to pick up and dispose of any tree limbs from terrace trees. In such event the City will send out a press release to inform the citizens of the duration of this pick up. Please contact the Parks Department at 461-2324 to notify them of downed limbs. The City, however, cannot pick up limbs from trees on private property (yards). Do not move trees from within the yard onto the terrace, the City will not pick these up.

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How often or when is my street swept?

There is no set schedule for street sweeping. Sweeping is done on an as needed basis and occurs 2-3 times a year.

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What can I do to request that a sign on the city streets is changed or added.

A formal letter of request must be written to the Director of Engineering and sent to City of Hastings, 1228 North Denver Ave., Hastings, NE 68901. The Director of Engineering will review the request, and if he approves will forward to the City Council for their action.

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