The Engineering Department provides administrative services for the following departments under the direction of the Director of Public Works/City Engineer.

Responsibilities of the Engineering Department include:

  • Engineering design, construction, trails, & inspection of road, street, and other public facility projects.
  • Development and oversight of the (GIS) Geographic Information System
  • Development of One & Six Year Streets & Road Program
  • Developing construction standards & specifications for road & street construction
  • Perform & maintain traffic count data
  • Calculate paving assessments
  • Flood plain determinations
  • Provides surveying on city related projects only
  • Maintains surveying benchmarks
  • Reviews & provides technical support for development of infrastructure required for residential, commercial, and industrial development
  • Provides Environmental services for the Administration of EPA Superfund sites in the City

When you travel on a city street, take a stroll on a sidewalk or trail you are benefiting from the services we provide.

Our staff is dedicated to providing our citizens these services in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner. We strive to serve community growth and promote quality services for our community through open and honest communication.


The proposed project with the Nebraska Department of Roads would reconstruct approximately 2.47 miles of U.S. Highway 6 (US-6) located in the City of Hastings.

Nebraska H2O

Help raise awareness and learn alternatives to storm drain dumping.