Airport Advisory Board

Airport Advisory Board is a recommending body to the City Council on matters related to the Hastings Municipal Airport and its operation. This Board consists of five (5) members.  Of these members, one (1) shall be a licensed pilot, one (1) shall not have a pilot's license, and one (1) shall be a sitting member of the Hastings City Council. All members must live within the corporate limits of the city.

Meetings are held on a quarterly basis.

  Date Appointed Term Expires
Phil Beda 2/25/2020 2/1/2024
 Matt Kuhr  02/22/2016 02/01/2020 
 Aaron Schardt  02/22/2016  02/01/2021
Brent Hoops 05/14/2018 02/01/2023
Paul Hamelink, Council Member 01/09/2017  

* Denotes Chairman
Denotes the filling of an unexpired term

For more information on the Airport Advisory Board please refer to Hastings City Code §2-700.