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City of Hastings Fireworks Ordinance (CHANGE FOR 2018)

The City of Hastings has made a few changes to the Firework Ordinance for the year 2018.Below is the current ordinance adopted by the city council. 13-507. Sale and use of permissible fireworks. Permissible fireworks may be sold and/or ignited only during the following times: June 28th to July 2nd: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m .July 3rd and July 4th:…

Spring Clean Up Safety

Spring is in the air and many of us are gearing up for yard work, gardening and just plain cleaning up from the winter. This is a time when our activity level increases and we may not be use to this amount of exertion. Following is a list of things that might make your Spring a little bit safer. ALWAYS USE PROPER SAFETY EQUIPMENT Sturdy Shoes Gloves Safety…

Cancellation of Municipal Point-of-Sale Inspection Program

The Development Services Department has indefinitely suspended the Municipal Point-of-Sale Inspection program, effective February 23, 2018.

Christmas Tree and Decoration Fire Safety 2017

On average, one of every 22 home fires started by Christmas trees result in death. CHRISTMAS TREE SAFETY When picking a tree follow these tips: If you purchase a real tree, make sure that it is fresh and has green needles and they do not fall off easily when touched. Before placing the tree in a stand, cut 1-2 inches from the base at a 45 degree…

Request for Proposal: Airport Fixed Base Operator

The City of Hastings is seeking proposals from qualified applicants for a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) to lease, manage and operate general aviation facilities at the Hastings Municipal Airport, located at 3300 W. 12th Street, Hastings, NE. See the Full Details of the Request for Proposal