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Chapter 28 - Buildings City Code

Codes & Information

Building code, permits, commercial and residential construction, moving of buildings. CURRENT

Chapter 29 - Electrical City Code

Codes & Information

Electrical code, permits and electrician requirements. CURRENT

Chapter 30 - Plumbing & Gas City Code

Codes & Information

Plumbing and Gas code. CURRENT

Chapter 31 - NOT ASSIGNED (PDF)

Codes & Information

Chapter 34 - Zoning City Code

Zoning district regulations, conditional uses and Planning Commission. CURRENT

Chapter 38 - Subdivisions City Code (PDF)

Applications and procedures for plats and annexation of subdivided land. CURRENT

Commercial Inspection Card (PDF)

Codes & Information

Commercial Construction Code

Comprehensive Development Plan

The latest comprehensive development plan from the Development Services department.

Construction Detail Sample (PDF)

Codes & Information

Residential Construction; Sample diagram

Curb Ramp Plans (PDF)

Codes & Information

Commercial Construction/Residential Construction

Deck Permit Guidelines

Building Permits

Commercial/Residential Building

Demolition Permit Guidelines

Building Permits