Featured Projects

Fall 2020

IWorq LogoDevelopment Services has spent many hours seeking, interviewing and participating in demonstrations to find an appropriate tracking software to best meet the needs of our developers and contractors as well as staff.  We have selected a software called iWorQ. This software will be utilized internally by us to track all of your code enforcement issues, permits and to conduct plan reviews.  For far too long we have utilized an Access database, but this does not communicate with the seamless document online permits you pull, causing us additional staff time to re-enter the permit.  Our plan reviews have been conducted via email or hard copy.  This software will allow us to spend more time focusing on the reviews and save us time with the administration portion of our work. 

We will also be providing a new online permit portal that citizens, developers and surveyors can utilize to apply and pay for all permits online.  This will automatically place your applications in our ques for action rather than re-entry.  In most cases you would not even have to visit our counter, but we will still be following up with you and working closely with you, as needed.

We are currently having weekly meetings with the software company and are conducting test runs to fine-tune this software to integrate with our business processes. It is our intent to have this up and running in the next few months.  Once this software and the new online permit application is up and running, we ask for your patience as we implement and migrate over to this new system.  If you have any questions or concerns with this please call (402) 461-2302!