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Annexation Review

The City of Hastings’ Code of Ordinance (Sec. 2-606) requires the City’s Development Services, Planning Commission, and the City Council to review areas eligible for annexation every three years. 2023 is another time for this required review. The City staff have begun this review and have identified 42 properties that could be annexed into the Hasting City limits because of their proximity to the current City limits, being connected to City utility services, and/or the potential for development or redevelopment.

The process of annexing properties into a City must follow the requirements specified in Nebraska Revised Statues 16-117 – 16-121.

The Planning staff with Development Services are working with property owners identified in the project to inform them of the annexation review and the process moving forward.

Maps of Properties

The Development Service staff met with property owners in the annexation review areas at the end of August 2023. The presentation that the staff provided for these meetings and the meeting notes are below. 

Following the neighborhood meetings, City staff are holding work sessions with the Planning Commission and City Council to provide an overview of the research found for each area. The agenda packets for the work sessions are below. During the research of these areas, it was found that the East Industrial Area, Industrial Park West, and the North Industrial Park were all designated as Country Industrial Areas (per Nebraska Revised Statutes 13-1111 through 13-1121). This designation created specific requirements and agreements between the City of Hastings, Hastings Economic Development Corporation, and Adams County. Details of the designation and approved agreements are provided in each of the work session packets. 

In general, no specific agreement was created when the East Industrial Area was designated in 1967. Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1115 generally prohibits a municipality from annexing a designated County Industrial Area unless such an agreement was created, or other specific exemptions of this rule. Considering that this area and the City do not meet these exemptions, this area will not be considered for annexation at this time. Future considerations of annexing this area would require the County and/or the property owners to be willing to remove the designation and agree to annexation by the City.

Meeting Topic Date Location Status
Planning Commission Initial Work Session 7/18/2023 Library Completed
Citizen Meeting - East 26th Street & North 2nd Avenue 8/22/2023 Library Scheduled
Citizen Meeting - Southwest Industrial Area 8/24/2023 Library Scheduled
Citizen Meeting - North Industrial/Yost Avenue Area 8/29/2023 Library Scheduled
Citizen Meeting - East Industrial Area 8/31/2023 Library Scheduled
Planning Commission Work Session - E. 26th Street & N. 2nd Ave 9/05/2023 Library Scheduled
Planning Commission Work Session at Regular Meeting - Southwest Industrial Area and East Industrial Area 9/19/2023 Library Scheduled
Planning Commission Work Session - Yost Avenue 10/03/2023 Library Scheduled
City Council Worksession 10/16/2023 TBD Tentative
Planning Commission Public Hearing 11/20/2023 TBD Tentative
City Council Meeting to Approve Resolution 12/11/2023 TBD Tentative
City Council Public Hearing - First Reading 02/12/2024 TBD Tentative
City Council Public Hearing - Second Reading 02/26/2024 TBD Tentative
City Council Public Hearing - Third Reading 03/11/2024 TDB Tentative