2023 - City of Hastings Affordable Housing Plan

This plan is designed to address the requirements of LB 866 - the Municipal Density and Missing Middle Housing Act (Nebraska Statute 19-5501 to 19-5506),  This plan will be updated during the development of the city’s Comprehensive Plan. The Missing Middle Act requires cities with populations of 20,000 or more to adopt an affordable housing action plan. The statute requires each plan, at a minimum, to contain the following:

  1. Goals for the construction of new affordable housing units, including multi-family housing and middle housing, with specific types and numbers of units, geographic locations, and specific actions to encourage the development of affordable housing, middle housing, and workforce housing;
  2. Goals for a percentage of areas in the city zoned for residential use which permit the construction of multi-family housing and middle housing;
  3. Plans for the use of federal, state, and local incentives to encourage affordable housing, middle housing, and workforce housing, including the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act, tax-increment financing, federal community development block grants, density bonuses, and other non-monetary regulatory relief; and
  4. Updates to the city’s zoning codes, ordinances, and regulations to incentivize affordable housing.

Hastings Affordable Housing Plan