Comprehensive Plan Update

Comprehensive Plan ImagePhoto Courtesty of Kimley Horn

The Comprehensive Plan is a great chance for us to look towards the future of what Hastings will be. The plan mainly looks into land use but it also looks at related items such as housing, economic development and utilities.  This is a very exciting opportunity as they don’t come around all the time, the last Comprehensive Plan, Imagine Hastings was done back in 2009. We would appreciate everyone’s input on this plan, our goal is to provide the community with as many ways to be part of the process. Please check back for more engagement opportunities.

View the Comprehensive Plan Website to contribute your input to the Plan!

8/20/2022 - Kool-Aid Days Booth

Consultants will be at the fairgrounds to engage with the public.


Consultants hosted a meeting to introduce what they were doing for the Comprehensive Plan.

City Comprehensive Plan Kickoff Meeting Video

On the Horizon Hastings Comprehensive Plan Engagement Video