2022 - Transportation and Parking Plan

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Together with the community, the City is creating a strategic plan to guide citywide transportation and parking policy and investments. The Transportation and Parking Master Plan (TPMP) will further define the City’s transportation vision and  help refine the mobility recommendations in the city’s comprehensive development plan, Imagine Hastings (2009). The TPMP process focuses on creating a community-driven mobility vision that will provide the City with a decision making framework and a coordinated strategy to implement actionable projects to address Hastings’ diverse transportation challenges, including safely and efficiently walking, biking, and driving around the City.

Transportation and Parking Plan - FINAL

6/15/22 - Transportation and Parking Plan Reveal

Our consultants hosted a meeting to present the Transportation and Parking plan to the public.

Transportation and Parking Plan Final Draft
Presentation Slides
Meeting Recording

4/19/21 - Transportation and Parking Master Plan Projects Survey

Our consultants are continuing to collect data for the Transportation and Parking Master Plan.  A new interactive tool will allow you to give feedback about existing and proposed improvement projects in the City.  Residents can provide their thoughts on as many of the projects as they like by adding a comment.

Note:  The survey will only work in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Transportation and Parking Master Plan Projects Survey

2/5/21 – Parking Plan Charrette Meeting

We thank all those that participated in the invitational meeting.  This meeting was held to discuss parking management and how parking is currently being managed; discuss all issues and concerns and then to hear various options that the consultants will provide as options to mitigate these concerns.  Key take-aways from this discussion is that the downtown stakeholders enjoy the City of Hasting flexibility with regard to the enforcement of parking as it is conducted currently; there was some discussion on designated parking in parking lots (particularly the one north of City Hall); as well as more relaxed time limits in on street parking areas and fees for long-term parking in off street parking lots or perhaps relocation of this practice all together.  This spring there will also be a parking audit done by the consultants.  We were excited to start discussing parking and hear all the issues, concerns and kudos that were presented at that meeting.  Click on the attachment to review the meeting notes and slides that were presented.

Meeting Summary

11/24/20 – Area of Comments

To get a better visual perspective of the specific areas in comments portion of the survey the attached map was provided.  These are the specific areas that have issues as indicated by those who took the survey and commented on a specific area.  The color assists in what they commented transportation mode or issue they commented on.

Map of Comments

10/29/20 – Results are in from our month-long Public Engagement Survey. 

We thank you all for your participation in this important online survey!!  Review the attached summary to see what the unified community thinks regarding our existing transportation deficiencies and what should be done in the future!

Hastings TPMP Engagement Window 1 Summary

09/15/2020: Transportation and Parking Master Plan Survey

This survey is part of the Community Mobility and Parking Audit, which highlights existing and future transportation deficiencies. We want your input to help identify and prioritize future investments in the transportation system.

Take the survey - click to begin

Focus group survey results

See the results of the In person focus group meeting held in the City Auditorium on August 5th and 6th as well as the follow-up online focus group survey.  See what our citizens say is important, what is liked and what could be improved.

Survey Results

08/05/2020: Focus Group Outreach Documents

06/01/2020: Schedule

Schedule - City of Hastings Transportation & Parking Master Plan Project Schedule