Looking for a rewarding career where you can contribute to the community?

Consider a career in the fire service with Hastings Fire & Rescue. Although the work is tough, firefighting is a highly rewarding career, providing a vital service to the community. Professional firefighters work as a team to protect life and property during all types of emergencies. As a member of the fire service, you would partake in many different life-saving duties including fire emergency response, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, high angle and rope rescue, vehicle extrication, water and ice rescue, building inspections, and public safety prevention/education.

About the Job

The Hastings Fire & Rescue Department currently employs 27 full-time firefighters, up to 32 part-time firefighters, and 4 full-time administrative staff. HFR operates with three shifts, each on duty for 24 hours and off for 48 hours. They work year round including holidays and weekends. A, B, and C shift each operate with nine personnel, including a Captain, Lieutenant, four firefighter/paramedics, and three firefighter/EMT's.

General Qualifications

You must be at least 18 years of age. You must possess a high school diploma or GED. You must have or be able to obtain a valid Nebraska driver's license without record of suspension or revocation in any state. You must have the ability to pass an in-depth background investigation. Felony convictions or disqualifying criminal histories within the past seven years are not allowed. You must be licensed as an Emergency Medical Technician with the State of Nebraska prior to hire date. You must be a United States citizen. You must possess the mental, physical, and medical health to adequately perform the duties of a firefighter.

Helpful Education and Experience

Fire Science Degree or related fire service classes. Emergency Medical Technician experience. Paramedic training and experience. Military firefighting experience. Prior experience in the Fire service. Construction or Trade experience.

Application Process

The City of Hastings does not take applications in advance of an open recruitment. Applications are only available during the active recruitment process. After the application deadline has passed, all applications will be reviewed to determine whether the applicants meet the minimum standards.

Applicants who meet the minimum standards will be scheduled to take the entrance and physical agility tests and preliminary interview. An oral board interview is then scheduled for passing applicants.

An eligibility list will be established and maintained for one year. When an authorized position opens up, the top three candidates on the eligibility list will be considered. An offer of employment will be made contingent on passing a physical exam, a psychological test, a drug test, a physical mobility test, and an in-depth background check.

The Written Exam

This is a multiple choice test that is designed to assess your knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a firefighter. A minimum score of 70% is required.

The Physical Agility Test

In the physical agility test, candidates are asked to perform several tasks similar to those performed by firefighters on the job. These tasks are designed to test strength, stamina, endurance, agility, and ability to work at heights. The events in this test are as follows:

  • Aerial Ladder Climb 
  • Balance Beam Walk
  • Confined Space Maze
  • Hose Pull
  • Equipment Carry
  • Stair Climb
  • Ladder Raise
  • Ceiling Breach and Pull
  • Rescue Drag

Failure to complete the test will eliminate the applicant from further consideration during this application process. The test is Pass/Fail. There is additional criteria for each event that qualifies as a fail. This will be addressed in the application packet.

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