Fireworks Permits

Fireworks Permit Application/Agreement

Hastings City Code Chapter 13 Article 5 - Fireworks

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Applications for Fireworks Permits must be submitted to the Fire Department for approval by the Clerk’s Office, the Building Official, the Fire Marshal, and Utility Department. Partially completed applications will not be accepted. Each location requires a separate application and permit with the deadline for submission of applications to sell fireworks being June 15 of each year.

The following information is required to accompany all completed Fireworks Permit Applications:

  • Provide detailed site plan showing accurate scaled dimensions (site plan example and Map Creator) of the location of the fireworks stand and storage facility in relation to the boundaries of the premises and other structures.  All tents shall have their location marked on an aerial view identifying utility locations.
  • Letter of permission from the owner of the property on which proposed fireworks stand will be located.
  • Copy of State of Nebraska License for Sale of Fireworks.
  • Copy of Certificate of Flame Resistance for tent stands.
  • Proof of a valid liability insurance policy of at least two million dollars ($2,000,000.00) naming the City of Hastings as an additional insured party.

A $500 application fee is required, which includes the occupation tax and the fire department review/inspection fee.

It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to familiarize himself/herself with state laws and city ordinances relating to the sale of fireworks as well as contacting Digger's Hotline (811) to have underground services located PRIOR to tent stand placement.