Hazardous Materials

HAZMAT training            

Hastings Fire and Rescue's Hazardous Materials Division

Hastings Fire and Rescue is one of Nebraska's regional response teams (SERT.)  This give other communities the ability to request hazmat technicians. Hazmat technicians are more highly trained and are allowed to enter into the "HOT" zone and mitigate and incident.

All full time employees, upon their completion of Firefighter I, are trained to the operations level.  From that point, members of the department go on to get their technician level certification.

Response to a hazardous materials incident may vary from carbon monoxide releases, vehicle collisions that result in antifreeze, oil, or battery acid spills, to the more complex incidents that may include mixed chemicals, or biological hazards.  Hazmat team members are also trained in different types of decontamination of patients/victims, both in small or large numbers.