Community Redevelopment Authority

The Community Redevelopment Authority has broad powers to construct and facilitate redevelopment projects within areas of the City that have been declared blighted and substandard.  The Authority has taxing authority and may use Tax Increment Financing.  The Community Redevelopment Authority consists of five (5) members that serve a five (5) year term.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at the Chamber Development Center, located at 301 South Burlington at 12:00 P.M.

  Date Appointed Term Expires
Rick Klamm 11/01/2020 11/01/2025
Daniel Schwartzkopf 01/09/2017  11/01/2028
Kaleena Fong 01/09/2017  11/01/2024
Becky Sullivan 04/11/2022 11/01/2027
Dick Hysell* 11/06/2022 11/01/2027

* Denotes Chairman
Denotes the filling of an unexpired term

For more information on the Community Redevelopment Authority, please see Hastings City Code §2-619 and the Nebraska State Statute §18-2102.01 or see the CRA Website.