City Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission is responsible for developing plans for the physical development of the City and to exercise zoning and subdivision regulation. There are nine (9) members, two of which members may not be residents of the City, but reside in the two-mile jurisdictional boundary.

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 4:00 P.M. at the City Hall Council Chambers, 220 N Hastings Ave.

  Date Appointed Term Expires
Shawn Rossi 12/13/2021 3/11/2025
Ann Hinton 03/11/2019 03/11/2025
LaDaun Schoenhals 02/25/2020 02/01/2023
Brian Hoffman 03/11/2022 03/11/2025
Rakesh Srivastava 02/25/2020 02/01/2023
Michelle Lewis 02/25/2020 02/01/2023
Jacque Cranson 02/01/2021 02/01/2024
Lou Kully 02/01/2021 02/01/2024
Greg Sinner 02/01/2021 02/01/2024
Jody Stutzman (Alternate)  05/09/2022 11/01/2025

* Denotes Chairman
Denotes the filling of an unexpired term

For more information on the City Planning Commission, please see Hastings City Code §2-601.

The Agenda Packet, Agenda, and Minutes for each meeting are posted here. For agendas and minutes not listed please contact Development Services office at (402) 461-2302.